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Acowa HiVe from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS is a data processing program as well as and visualization platform that collects and displays data about water management in a simple and userfriendly way.

What is Acowa HiVe?

Acowa HiVe, developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS, is a powerful tool for data processing and visualization in the field of water management.

On one hand, it serves as the core data processing program – that collects and manages data related to water monitoring.

On the other hand, it acts as a visualization platform that enables seamless display of data in a clear and intuitive manner.

Image of AcowaCore / AcowaDash FROM ACOWA INSTRUMENTS
Image of AcowaDash developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

Powerful ability to collect and process data

Acowa HiVe offers a strong advantage in collecting and processing data from devices like FIREFLY and GEKKO. When data is collected it then transmits it to different systems, including SCADA programs and 3rd-party programs.

Secondly, it excels at handling event-based logs from the GEKKO. It presents this data in a SCADA-compatible format, particularly valuable for efficient recording and calculation of overflow events.

Thirdly, it centralizes the processing of data about overflow structures, edge profiles, and conditions. This consolidation within the program enhances data management and consistency.

Visionary solutions with Acowa HiVe

Acowa HiVe offers visionary solutions by enabling effortless adjustments to calculation methods as well as centralized set-point changes. An approach which saves time, while ensuring seamless updates.

At the same time, it can extract and convert data from the users’ own SCADA system. Subsequently facilitating accurate flow calculations across all pumping stations as well as overflow structures – both past and future.

Overall the platform provides valuable insights including capacity, inlet profiles, overflow predictions and anomaly detection. These insights empower users to optimize operations through well-informed decisions.

Image visualization platform developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS
Interface of AcowaDash - a visualization platform for AcowaCore by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

An intuitive visualization platform

With it’s intuitive interface, Acowa HiVe seamlessly transforms complex data from pump wells into clear insights. In detail, it can gather and present essential information from capacity calculations to overflow events, including inlet flow, precipitation data, as well as hydrogen sulfide data.

Moreover, it simplifies comprehensive reporting, by including rapid identification of unauthorized water, while ensuring effortless data extraction via CSV files. All in all, by through using Acowa HiVe, you can elevate your understanding of pump well systems significantly.

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App for AcowaCore and AcowaDash - by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS


How to install Acowa HiVe?

The program is installed on the user’s own server or can be offered as a hosted service. The installation is carried out by an ACOWA system integrator and requires access via VPN, TeamViewer, or similar methods.
In order to ensure a smooth installation, the following system requirements must be met:

Operating SystemWindows 10 or Windows Server 2014 or later (preferably)
BrowsersFirefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari
CPUMinimum 1 core 2 GHz – preferably multicore 3 GHz or higher
RAMMinimum 8GB – preferably more
Hard disk space1GB for the application and 3rd-party programs. Additionally, 1GB per monitored device per year for log data

In addition to the AcowaCore application itself, several utility programs must be installed, such as:

    Programming and scripting language Python
    Databases PostgreSQL
    Dashboard Server Grafana
    Service Manager NSSM
Product number Description
ACOWA-CORE Standard software package for GEKKO and FIREFLY, one-way communication with SCADA
ACOWA-CORE-PRO Extended software package for full integration with SCADA systems
ACOWA-CORE-FIREFLY FIREFLY device setup on AcowaCore
ACOWA-CORE-GEKKO GEKKO device setup on AcowaCore for standard measurements
ACOWA-CORE-GEKKO-OVERFLOW GEKKO device setup on AcowaCore for overflow registration
ACOWA-DASH-FIREFLY FIREFLY device setup on AcowaDash
ACOWA-DASH-GEKKO GEKKO device setup on AcowaDash

To see documentation – go to the Download Center

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