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GoPle - Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter

GoPle – Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter is used for level measurement in drinking water and sewerage water systems

Reliable measurements using GoPle - Hydrostatic Pressure transmittere

If you’re in need of a reliable and accurate pressure transmitter, the GoPle – Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS may be just what you’re looking for. This state-of-the-art device is used for level measurement in drinking water and sewerage water systems. Overall, it provides a wide range of benefits that makes it an ideal solution for a variety of water monitoring.

Firstly, the GoPle delivers highly accurate and reliable measurements due to its advanced sensor technology. It measures by using ceramic capacitive measurement principal. Then upon submersion converts the liquid level to a 4-20mA current loop. Even in challenging conditions, you can still trust the readings from this device.

Image of GoPle - Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter for level measurement developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS
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Overcome harsh conditions with GoPle

Secondly, GoPle has a robust and durable design. It is constructed in AISI304L stainless steel IP68 housing with PUR cable which can withstand harsh environmental conditions. At the same time the device is easy to use as well as compatible with a vast range of control systems.

Thirdly, the GoPLe level sensor has a wide range of measurement capabilities. It is available in following measuring ranges of 0-3m, 0-4m, 0-6m or 0-10m as well as with cable length of either 10m, 25m, 35m or 50m. But individual measuring range and cable length can be offered on request. Furthermore, GoPle also has the option of being a combined  temperature and pressure sensor with a measurement range of 0-30 °C. 

GoPle - Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter delivers precision

GoPle uses a ceramic capacitive measurement cell with long durability, stability and variaty of precision: 0,1%, 0,25% or 0,5% of FS. The sensor’s capillary tube is finished with a filter that prevents the absorption of moisture. It is fully cast, with no air around the electronics, this to prevent condensation in the sensor.

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NOTE! GoPle is not ATEX certified and must not be installed in EX areas

MaterialsHousing in stainless steel
Measuring range0-3m, 0-4m, 0-5m, 0-6m or 0-10m
Measuring principleCeramic capacitive
Output signal4-20mA
AccuracyBetter than 0,5 % of FS
Long term stabilityBetter than 0,25% of FS per year
Supply voltage12-36V DC
Temperature range-40°C to +80°C
Resistance100MΩ@ 50V DC
Enclosure classIP68
Membrane materialCeramic capacitive
Response time10ms
Length of cable10m, 25m, 35m or 50m
Type of cableHighly flexible PUR cable with screen
Total weight760g included 10m cable
Item number Description
GoPLe-3-10 Pressure transmitter 0-3m with E+H ceramic measuring cell and 10m PUR cable
GoPLe-5-10 Pressure transmitter 0-5m with E+H ceramic measuring cell and 10m PUR cable
GoPLe-5-25 Pressure transmitter 0-5m with E+H ceramic measuring cell and 25m PUR cable
GoPLe-10-25 Pressure transmitter 0-10m with E+H ceramic measuring cell and 25m PUR cable
GoPLe-25-50 Pressure transmitter 0-25m with E+H ceramic measuring cell and 50m PUR cable
GoPLe-30-35 Pressure transmitter 0-30m with E+H ceramic measuring cell and 35m PUR cable
GoPLe-50-50 Pressure transmitter 0-50m with E+H ceramic measuring cell and 50m PUR cable

GoPle is used in many different applications, such as:

  • Pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Stormflow
  • Level monitoring
  • Rivers or streams
  • Reservoir and tanks

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