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mini-FROG - Float Switch

mini-FROG – Float Switch is a smaller version of its predecessor, the FROG. It is ideal for compact spaces and like FROG is used for level measurement in applications such as reservoirs and tanks

The mini-FROG - Float Switch

mini-FROG from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS is a standard float switch like FROG with a micro switch for either a Normally Open (NO) or a Normally Closed (NC) status signal. This float switch is a top choice among businesses as it offers an efficient and reliable liquid level sensing.

Firstly, one of the notable advantages of the mini-FROG is its reduced size and heightened sensitivity to its surroundings. This allows for extremely accurate measurements in compact spaces.

Furthermore, the mini-FROG has an exceptional robust design – constructed of high-quality materials. This means it can withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions. Consequently, reducing frequent repairs.

mini-FROG - Float Switch from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS
mini-FROG - Float Switch from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS ideal for small spaces

mini-FROG provides versatile use

Moreover, mini-FROG presents a wide range of posibilities in use. Namely mini-FROG is used as a high water level alarm in pump stations, low water level alarm in clean water tanks, water on floor alarm, as a controlling switch for pumps as well as other functions.

Lastly, this float switch is delivered in versions with a 5m fixed-mounted high-flexibility cable. A mounting bracket is included.

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Contact systemMicroswitch
VoltageMax 250V AC
Max. rated current6A Resistive, 3A inductive
Pressure range200kPA
Cable length5m
Largest diameter65mm
Temperature coefficient of span13mm, 19mm = 0,015% of FS at 25°C 16mm = Better than 2%
Length of floating element120mm
Tilting materialPolypropylene (PP)
Cable materialPUR
Enclosure classIP68
Max. operating temperature+55°C
Product number Description
mini-FROG mini-FROG float switch with 5m cable. NC + NO function
mini-FROG weight Counterweight for mini-FROG

ACOWA mini-FROG is highly versatile and is used in countless applications, such as:

  • Pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Stormflow
  • Level Alarm
  • Reservoir and tanks

To see documentation – go to the Download Center

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