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EAGLE ll HMI - a color touch display

EAGLE ll HMI from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS is a simple, clear and versatile display screen for displaying and accessing important pump control data in applications such as waterworks, pool control, and pump stations 

A clear display screen with EAGLE ll HMI

For modern pumping stations, access to important data must be easy and clear. For that reason, ACOWA INSTRUMENTS designed an intuitive HMI display screen – based on their extensive experience with water management. This high resolution color touch display offers numerous benefits that cater to a wide range of applications such as waterwork, pump stations as well as pool control.

To begin with, the EAGLE boasts a 7″ high-resolution widescreen, which provides users with a large, crystal-clear view of information. Also, due to exceptional background lighting, EAGLE ensures effortless readability in any weather conditions, which makes it highly adaptable across diverse environments.

EAGLE ll HMI from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS is an easy to use display screen for pump control
Image of SPIDER - Pump Control connected to EAGLE ll HMI

Numerous ways of displaying data

Secondly, EAGLE II HMI contains more than 200 product drivers which makes it highly compatible with many products. For example, EAGLE can connct to SPIDER pump control, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, ABB PLCs as well as other standard pump controls.

Moreover, EAGLE offers customization options tailored to specific waterworks requirements which enables optimal control and monitoring. Alternatively, it comes with a pre-programmed standard screen for pump stations. Which simplifies connection and setup to other devices.

Streamlining pump management with EAGLE ll HMI

Thirdly, EAGLE is equipped with a long list crucial features for streamlining pump management. For example an alarm list feature, which ensures that abnormal conditions are promptly detected and displayed. Which again enables operators to quickly identify and address issues. Hence minimizing downtime.

Also, the EAGLE II HMI has the capability to display a curve view of several simultaneous analog signals, allowing for in-depth analysis and monitoring of pump performance.

EAGLE ll HMI provides access to a long list of operating data for pumps
A feature icon that illustrate which features the EAGLE has

Experience the overall power of EAGLE´s features:

  • User-friendly interface for effortless navigation
  • Seamlessly operating all pumps, EAGLE ensures efficient functionality
  • Advanced Alarm List for enhanced safety and monitoring
  • Curve display of several simultaneous analog signals
  • Access to operating data for pumps
  • Easy access to change setup parameters
  • Easy access to scaling pressure transmitters

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The display screeb of EAGLE ll HMI is high resolution


Generel specifications for EAGLE ll HMI are the following:

Dimensions W=204mm x H=150mm x D=34mm
Weight 500g
Cutout size 192mm x 138mm
Enclosure class IP20
Power supply 12V DC – 28V DC
Consumption 3,8W
Insulation resistance Greater than 50MΩ@ 500V DC
Allowable loss of power < 3ms
Certificates CE

Range of humidity and temperature for EAGLE ll HMI are the following:

Humidity 10% – 90% non-condensing air
Working temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperatur -20°C to +60°C
Cooling mode Natural air cooling

Performance features for EAGLE ll HMI are the following:

Display size 7″ TFT
Resolution 800x480px
Display color 16.77M true color
Contrast 500:1
Backlight LED
Luminance 250cd/m²
LCD life More than 30.000 hours
CPU ARM RISC 32Bit 800 MHz
Memory 128MB NAND flash + 128MB DDR3 RAM
RTC Built-in
External storage 1xUSB Host
Printer port USB Host/Serial port
Ethernet 10/100M adaptable Ethernet interface
Communication COM0: RS232/RS485/RS422. COM1:RS485.COM2: RS232
Product number Description
ACOWA-EAGLE-II-7-E HMI 7″ Touch Farve Display with Ethernet connector
1772-2102164 Serial interface to Spider external HMI display. Incl. 1.5m cable set
HDR-15-24 Power Supply, 230V AC / 24V DC

The EAGLE can connect to measurement equipment, such as:

  • SPIDER Pump control
  • Siemens PLCs
  • Allen-Bradley PLCs
  • ABB PLCs
  • As well as other standard pump controls

To see documentation – go to the Download Center

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