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ACOWA SCADA – Schneider Electric – IGSS

ACOWA SCADA software is used for water management and provides centralized monitoring as well as powerful visualization using e.g. grafical pumps, alarms and graphs

Customized SCADA-solutions for the water industry

SCADA which stands for ‘Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition‘ plays a crucial role in various industries including the water industry. Why? Because SCADA provides efficient management data of critical processes. 

ACOWA INSTRUMENTS developed ACOWA SCADA in cooperation with Schneider Electric with a specific focus on customizing SCADA-solutions for the water industry. Thus addressing specific requirements of water management such as pump control, flow monitoring as well as alarm management.

Image of SCADA showing data from Pump Station
Image of SCADA overview of data on map

Object-oriented ACOWA SCADA specifically for water management

Above all, this system is an object-oriented SCADA-system, which means it offers a structured and modular approach to system development. This allows for easier configuration, scalability, and maintenance, making it adaptable to future expansions. Our SCADA-system can communicate with over 90 different hardware manufacturers and consists of 6 standard packages.

Moreover, SCADA-systems like IGSS enable centralized monitoring and control of multiple processes. Due to this centralized approach operators can easily oversee and manage complex systems, saving time and effort.

Centralized Monitoring and easy app for ACOWA SCADA

Due to centralized monitoring, SCADA can gather real-time data from various sensors, instruments and devices. Which ensures that operators have up-to-date information to make well-informed decisions.

To further enhance convenience and accessibility, an application has been specifically developed for ACOWA SCADA. This app empowers users to efficiently manage pumps, graphs, and alarms through their smartphones or tablets, allowing for greater flexibility and remote accessibility.

Image of IGGS on mobile
Image of SCADA-system used to monitor water

We offer a flexible SCADA package for multiple solutions

ACOWA´s SCADA-system also offers flexibility. Namely because it is available in different packages of 200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 or 2000 objects. Which gives flexibility to choose the suitable package based on the required number of objects.

Additionally, SCADA is a single user system with 2 standard drivers. Though it supports expansion with additional drivers and optional software modules such as the Notifier alarm software. This customization and expansion capability makes this system adaptable to specific industry needs and evolving technologies.

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