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OLED Display for SPIDER

The OLED Display for SPIDER is an easy and clear display screen for modern pumping stations

OLED Display for SPIDER - clear screen regardless of weather

For modern pumping stations, access to important data must be easy and clear. Therefore ACOWA INSTRUMENTS has designed the OLED Display for SPIDER.

This device provides a seamless user experience, due to extensive experience and know how that ACOWA INSTRUMENTS has in the field. Here are some of the key advantages of using the OLED.

Image of OLED Display for SPIDER offers easy acces to data
Image of OLED Display for SPIDER design by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

Userfriendly navigation and easy set up

Firstly, with an intuitive interface OLED ensures that accessing crucial data is both effortless and straightforward. Also, the OLED offers versatile screen setups, which allows operators to customize the information they require. Operators can navigate through different screen setups effortlessly, allowing for quick access to the required information.

Long Lifetime Expectancy with OLED Display for SPIDER

Secondly, OLED display is designed for direct mounting on the SPIDER pump control, ensuring a seamless integration. This eliminates the need for additional equipment or mounting arrangements, saving space and simplifying installation.

Thirdly, this device has a minimum expected lifetime of 20,000 hours. This longevity ensures that the display remains operational and reliable for an extended period, reducing maintenance requirements and costs.

A close up image of the OLED Screen for SPIDER design by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS
A feature icon that illustrate which features the EAGLE has

Experience the overall power of OLED´s features:

  • Level: Set the desired level for your application quick and easy
  • Operating Data P1 and P2: Optimize your system with easy operating adjustments
  • DI Status (Digital Input): Manage digital inputs efficiently
  • DO Status (Digital Output): Adjust the digital output status effortlessly
  • Communication Status: Configurate communication settings with simplicity
  • Alarm List: Personalize your alarm list for prompt attention to potential issues
  • Start / Stop Level P1 and P2: Tailor start and stop levels for P1 and P2
  • Operation P1 and P2: Adjust operation settings for P1 and P2 smoothly

Read more about the OLED

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OLED Display Screen for SPIDER design by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS


Generel specifications for OLED are the following:

Dimensions W=60,5mm × H=37mm × D=2.15
Display size B=5501 x H=27,49mm
Mounting For direct mounting on the SPIDER
Pixel size 0,40mm × 0,40mm
Display color Monochrome (white)
Power Supply 12V DC via SPIDER
Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +80°C
Humidity 10% – 90% non-condensing air
Lifetime expectancy Minimum 20,000 hours
Certificates CE

NOTE! OLED is not EX-classified and therefore must not be installed in EX areas.

Product number Description
1772-2101164 Display 2.4 “” OLED incl. joystick for SPIDER Controller.

This product can connect to following equipment:

OLED is used for direct mounting on the SPIDER

To see documentation – go to the Download Center

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