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Level Measurement Equipment

Level Measurement Equipment of high quality has top priority at ACOWA INSTRUMENTS. We take great pride in crafting products that precisely cater to our customers’ requirements. So take a closer look at the following product lineup: TurTle, GoPle, mini-GoPle, FROG and DolpHin

High quality Level Measurement Equipment from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

When it comes to measuring water levels in wells, basin and tank systems, one must determine which is the best suited measuring principle in each case. In order to get an accurate result. We pride ourselves when it comes to developing products that meet our customers’ needs. All our products – including our level measurement equipment, are produced and developed in Denmark which gives us the best basis for quality production.

Therefore, we develop products that use the following principles for measurement of water levels:

  • Hydrostatic measurement of water level with suspended pressure transmitter
  • Ultrasonic level transmitter, either as a shared unit or compact
  • Radar measurement for difficult applications
  • Level tilts for alarm handling
  • Level switch for “Water on floor” detection

Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter​s

Our TurTle, GoPle and mini-GoPle use the principle of pressure to measure water levels. Read more about them here.

TurTle - Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter

ACOWA’s TurTle is a groundbreaking pressure transmitter designed specifically for the water and sewerage sectors. It boasts a robust design and features a unique measurement cell that can be separated from the rustproof sensor tube.

This distinctive feature allows for easy replacement of the measurement cell without the need to replace the entire electrical installation. In case of a damaged cable, the measurement cell can be reused in a new sensor tube, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing downtime.

Image of TurTle - a hydrostatic pressure transmitter used for for level measurement

GoPle - Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter

Image of GoPle - Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter for level measurement developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

Acowa GoPLe is another hydrostatic pressure transmitter used for measurement of water levels in drinking water and sewerage water systems. It is synonymous with high reliability as well as stability in level measurements.

GoPLe measures by using ceramic capacitive measurement principal, and upon submersion converts the liquid level to a 4-20mA current loop.

Moreover, GoPle is available in 6 measuring ranges and with a fixed cable length. Although ACOWA also can accommodate individual requests for specific measuring ranges as well as cable lengths.

mini-GoPle - Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter

For applications requiring compact and reliable water level measurement, ACOWA’s mini-GoPle hydrostatic pressure transmitter is an excellent choice. Namely due to the fact, that the mini-GoPle shares the same qualities of high reliability and stability as the GoPle model.
The signal output from the mini-GoPle is a standard 4-20mA. Although ACOWA also offers options for 0-10V DC, 0-5V DC, or Modbus signals. This flexibility in signal output provides the ability to meet different system requirements.
Image of mini-GoPle Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter - used for level measurement of water via pressure

Radars for level measurement

You will find our innovative DolpHin Radar under Radar Products

DolpHin - Radar for level measurement

Image of DolpHin - Acowa Radar developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

DolpHin is an 80 GHz compact radar with built-in Bluetooth. Due to its compact size as well as narrow measuring range, flexible installations are ensured without interferences.

Furthermore, the DolpHin particularly ideal for overflow detection as it has a boot time of less than 10 seconds.

Level Switch​ Products

ACOWA´s level Switch products include the FROG and mini-FROG.

FROG / mini-FROG - Float Switch

ACOWA´s FROG and mini-FROG are a standard float switches with a micro switch for either a Normally Open (NO) or a Normally Closed (NC) status signal. Both devices monitor water levels by moving with the water as the water rises or falls. Then, base on the orientation of the float switch, they will either connect or disconnect an electrical circuit

The FROG and mini-FROG are basically used as a high water level alarm in pump stations. Likewise, they are use e.g. as low water level alarm in clean water tanks, water on floor alarm and controlling switch for pumps.

Image of FROG - float switch used for level measurement of water

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