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PUMA TWIN Pump Control

PUMA TWIN Pump Control is a universal compact single-pump controller with the possibility of communication

Operates two pumps up to 12A (5.5KW)

This device is a versatile and compact single-pump controller equipped with communication capabilities. It has the ability to operate both 1-phase and 3-phase pumps, handling currents of up to 12A (5.5KW). The pump controller features a robust two-part, impact-resistant IP65 encapsulated housing, which guarantees durability and protection against harsh environments.

Notably, the PUMA TWIN cabinet’s compact size, measuring only 23cm in width, allows for easy mounting on walls, street cabinets, and other enclosures. Its user-friendly design facilitates easy connections using bottom-mounted fittings, screw terminals, as well as spring clamps.

PUMA TWIN Pump Control communicates via 4G, IoT or Ethernet

Communication with PUMA TWIN Pump Control

Experience versatile choices: As standard, PUMA TWIN is delivered without a communication interface. However, you have the option to enhance it with optional LTE-m 4G or NB-IoT modems. Notably, the communication module is designed with easy replacement capabilities to support future IoT requirements.

In terms of security, PUMA TWIN utilizes the ModBus TCP/IP protocol, which can be encrypted via TLS. This guarantees the highest standards for secure communication. Impressively, all PUMA TWIN registers share the same data type, which streamlines data transmission as it only requires one telegram to get updated data.

Choose how you want PUMA to operate. It can function as a stand-alone unit for direct communication, or integrate seamlessly with Acowa HiVe. which enables a wide range of protocol types such as REST, API etc.

Easy user interface and visualization

Facilitating seamless daily operation, PUMA TWIN is equipped with a 2.4″ OLED display on the front and 4 user-friendly control buttons.

Besides its user-friendly interface, PUMA also offers the advantage of using the free configuration tool, AcowaZoo, for seamless control and visualization. Alternatively, users can opt for AcowaDash, providing even more options for efficient pump control.”

It is easy to control the PUMA TWIN Pump Control it´s 4 buttons and display screen
ACOWA focuses on an easy and versatile process of collecting data. Images shows a download icon

Data Collection with external equipment

The PUMA TWIN can basically collect data and log signals of several different types by utilizing external standard 4-20mA / 0-10V DC or standard DI equipment. This feature enhances versatility, making the PUMA an ideal choice for diverse monitoring and logging needs.

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Unique features of PUMA TWIN Pump Control

Distinctive features of PUMA TWIN Pump Control include the following points:

  • Validated flow calculation, accurately determining the pump’s actual capacity
  • Inlet flow calculation, displaying the inlet profile to the pumping station
  • Unique current measurement on all 3 phases and phase sequence detection
  • Specialized functions for stormflow calculation, daily exercise, daily depth pumping, flushing, and varied starting level
  • Built-in powerbank, eliminating the need for an external battery backup in case of power failure


Generel specifications for PUMA TWIN Pump Control are the following:

DimensionsW=320mm x H=248mm x D=98mm
Wire connection0.5 – 6mm2
Vibration (sinusoidal)10-500Hz, 1G
Free fall drop30 cm
Enclosure classIP65
Power supply1x230V AC or 3x400V AC +10%/-20%
Input power consumption0,004 to 0,06A
Max. fuse16A
IK max6kA
System earthTT

Generel specifications for PUMA TWIN Pump Control are the following:

Humidity 10% – 95% non-condensing air
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Storage temperatur -20°C to +60°C
Functional altitude Max. 2000m above sea level
Supply voltage 1-phase 230V AC or 3-phase 400V AC
Motor size Max. 5,5kW
Maximum power consumption 12A
Motor protection 3-phase electronic current measurement
Cable/signal length Max. 10m

Input and output features for PUMA Pump Control are the following:

Output voltage 24V DC
Output current Max 100mA
Tolerance +/- 20%
Number of analog mA inputs 1
Electrically insulated No
Measuring range 0/4–20mA
Input impedance Approx. 100 Ω
Measurement accuracy Better than 0,5% of FS
Signal range 0-24mA
Cable/signal length Max. 100m

Input and output features for PUMA Pump Control are the following:

Number of digital inputs 2
Electrically insulated No
Digital signal Low < 5V / < 1mA / High > 12V / > 4mA
Signal range (min/max.) 0–30V DC
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
Number of digital outputs 2
Electrically insulated Yes
Insulation voltage 4 KV
Relay type Relay outputs
Cable/signal length Max. 100m
Constant load max. 2 A @ 230Vac – AC1 max. 100 W @ 230Vac – AC3 max. 1 A @ 30
Minimum current 5 mA @ 10 V
Maximum start-up current 6A @ 20 ms.
Switch speed Max. 10 Hz

ACOWA´s PUMA has the following features:

  • Advanced single-pump control
  • Possibility of either 4G or NB/IOT communication interface with “FAST RESPONS”
  • Modbus TCP/IP protocol for communication with AcowaCore or users SCADA/SRO system
  • Unique function for current measurement on all 3 phases as well as phase sequence detection.
  • Operation via graphic 2.4 ”OLED display
  • Validated flow calculation, where the pump’s “true” capacity is calculated
  • Inlet flow calculation showing the inlet profile to the pump station
  • “Running blind”  function via level float switch if the pressure transmitter is faulty.
  • Possibility of overflow calculation via AcowaCore
  • Function for daily exercise of pump so that it does not get stuck during prolonged downtime
  • Function for daily depth pumping, so possibly. floating layers can be avoided
  • Possibility of varied starting level, so that fat build-up is avoided
  • Configuration of PUMA via AcowaZoo PC software
Product number Description
1772-2205000 PUMA pump control without communication interface
1772-20225042 PUMA pump control with 4G modem
1772-20225002 PUMA pump control with NB/IOT modem
1772-20220042 PUMA 4G modem
1717-20220002 PUMA NB/IOT modem

PUMA is used in the following applications:

  • Pumping stations

To see documentation – go to the Download Center

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