At ACOWA, we specialize in building durable equipment to manage, monitor and move water. With more than 90 years of combined experience
in the water and wastewater industry, we have acquired the skills to complete projects successfully and at the agreed time and price.



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Pump Controls

Image of PUMA Pumpcontroller

A compact pump control

Image of SPIDER pump control

A universal pump control

Image of SPIDER I/O - an expansion module for SPIDER Pump Control

Universal pump control - Extended

EAGLE ll HMI from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS is a clear and easy to use display screen for pump control

7 “HMI color touch display screen

Image of OLED

2,4″ display screen for SPIDER

Pump Controls

When it comes to Pump control one must take many different factors into account. It requires experience to build intelligent pump controls with functions for energy optimization, data collection and alarm handling. ACOWA covers all needs on the market, from the simpler pump systems, to the large advanced multi-pump systems based on the latest technology.

Level Measurement

Image of TurTle

Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter

Image of GoPle - hydrostatic pressure transmitter. A product used for for level measurement

Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter

Image of mini-GoPle Hydrostatic Pressure transmitter

Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter

Image of FROG
FROG / mini-FROG

Float Switch

Image of DolpHin - Acowa Radar developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

Acowa Radar

Level Measurement

When it comes to level measurement in wells, basin and tank systems, it requires the right measuring principle for the desired task.

ACOWA products use the following measurement principles:

  • Hydrostatic level measurement with suspended pressure transmitter
  • Ultrasonic level transmitter, either as a shared unit or compact
  • Radar measurement for difficult applications
  • Level tilts for alarm handling
  • Level switch for “Water on floor” detection

Data Logger

Image of GEKKO Data Logger

Battery-powered data logger with modem

Data Logger

Data loggers, such as GEKKO, are designed for use in wastewater and water supply applications and can collect data as well as log various signals. This data can be used for H2S detection, level measurement, overflow records and for recording precipitation events.


Hydrogen Sulfide Meter

Monitor H2S level with CaNaRy - hydrogen sulphide meter

Hydrogen sulphide meter

Hydrogen Sulfide Meter

Hydrogen sulphide meters, such as CaNaRy, are used in pumping stations, structures and superstructures.

CaNaRy can measure hydrogen sulphide in gaseous form at concentrations from 0-300ppm, and converts this into a standard 4-20mA signal.

Cloud Solutions

Image of AcowaZoo - Configuration Tool for Windows 64-bit - developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS

Configuration Tool

Image of AcowaCore / AcowaDash interface. Software and cloud solutions
AcowaCore / AcowaDash

Data collection and visualization

Image of SCADA-system used to monitor water

Schneider Electric – IGSS

Cloud Solutions

Having the correct data communication connected to your instrumentation is essentiel for a smooth and professional proces.

ACOWA Instruments provides processing program as well as interface solutions that give you an abundance of possibilities to gather and show information about pump wells, capacity calculations, inlet flow, precipitation data, hydrogen sulphide information as well as overflow events.

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