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CaNaRy - Hydrogen sulphide meter

CaNaRy – Hydrogen sulphide meter is designed to detect hydrogen sulphide in pumping stations and other sewage related applications

Measuring h2 with the CaNaRy - Hydrogen sulphide meter

ACOWA Instruments prides itself on the quality and reliability of its products, and CaNaRy – Hydrogen sulphide meter is no exception. This device measures h2s in gaseous form and is a crutial tool in ensuring safety in i.g. sewage treatment plants.

Firstly, the CaNaRy is specifically designed to accurately detect h2s in gaseous concentrations ranging from 0-300ppm, providing a comprehensive analysis of the gas levels present. In addition, the CaNaRy conveniently converts the measured h2s concentrations into a standard 4-20mA signal. Consequently facilitating easy data collection as well as integration with existing monitoring systems.

Which makes it an ideal choice for monitoring sewage-related activities.

Monitor H2S level with CaNaRy - hydrogen sulphide meter
Image of the CaNaRy - Hydrogen sulphide meter.

Long-term reliability with the CaNaRy

Furthermore, CaNaRy is delivered fully calibrated and ready for immediate installation. This feature not only saves time but also guarantees accurate readings right from the start. Additionally, the meter boasts a lengthy 10m cable, enabling flexible placement and positioning within the monitoring environment.

Notably, the CaNaRy meter exhibits exceptional longevity, with a minimum expected lifetime of 2 years. This extended lifespan ensures long-term reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. As a result, users can benefit from uninterrupted monitoring and cost savings in the long run.

CaNaRy - Hydrogen sulphide meter is robust

Moreover, the CaNaRy meter incorporates a robust design specifically tailored for installation in pumping stations and other sewage-related applications. This rugged construction enhances its durability, enabling it to withstand harsh and challenging operating conditions commonly encountered in such environments.

CaNaRy - Hydrogen sulphide meter - designed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS
Image of the CaNaRy - Hydrogen sulphide meter with a replaceable measuring cell

A replaceable measuring cell

Lastly, the CaNaRy – Hydrogen sulphide meter shares a similar design principle with ACOWA’s TurTle pressure transmitter, featuring a replaceable measuring cell and a standard 4-20mA signal output. This design similarity promotes ease of use and familiarity for users already accustomed to ACOWA’s product line, simplifying the integration process and reducing the learning curve.

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The overall specifications for CaNaRy are the following:

Sensor type Sure Cell
Size L = 235mm, W = 81mm
Weight 760g without cable
Wire connection Red = Supply, Green = Signal, Black = Screen
Cable length 10m, 15m or 30m.
Free fall drop 30 cm
Enclosure class IP65
Supply 24V DC (10V DC – 28V DC)
Max. overpressure 6 bar
Measuring range 0-300ppm
Measurement signal 4-20 mA
Resolution 0.25ppm
Largest diameter 81mm
Sensor housing Impact resistant PP (Fiberglass 30%)
Cable housing AISI 304
Cable clamp TPU
Cable material PUR
Max. operating temperature +50°C
Life expectancy 2 years in one – non-condensing relative humidity
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Certificates CE

NOTE! CaNaRy cannot tolerate immersion into liquids. Furthermore CaNaRy is not EX-classified and therefore must not be installed in EX areas

Item number Description
1772-2203001 CaNaRy Hydrogen sulfide measuring cell 0-300ppm / 4-20mA.
1772-2201010 Sensor housing for measuring cell with 10m PUR cable.
1772-2201015 Sensor housing for measuring cell with 15m PUR cable.
1772-2201030 Sensor housing for measuring cell with 30m PUR cable.

The CaNaRy is flexible and can be used in many different applications, such as:

  • Pumping stations
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Wells

To see documentation – go to the Download Center

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