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Firefly - intelligent alarm unit

Firefly – intelligent alarm unit from ACOWA INSTRUMENTS is used for applications such as wells, pumping stations as well as treatment plants.

Easy data transmission with Firefly - intelligent alarm unit

Crafted in alignment with the concept of “The local red alarm lamp has become intelligent,” FIREFLY assumes the role of a straightforward alarm device. Due to its innovative design and advanced features, FireFly offers numerous benefits that cater to a wide range of industrial applications.

To begin with, FireFly offers an unparalleled versatility in its power options as it can either be powered by a battery or a fixed 3V DC source. Also, FireFly revolutionizes the traditional alarm process by skillfully transmitting pump alarms and high-water level switch data directly to the SCADA-system via AcowaCore.

Image of FireFly - The intelligent alarm unit
Image of FireFly

FIREFLY has both digital and analogue inputs

This unit is equipped with 2 digital inputs and 1 analogue input ranging from 0 to 10V DC. A configuration that allows precise measurements of pump current. Likewise it enables detection of crucial data such as total operating time, number of starts and as well as pump status (On or OFF) at a remarkable 5-minute resolution. All above facilitated by incorporating an external power coil.

To further enhance functionality, FIREFLY offers the option of a 5-year Sigfox subscription, coupled with the choice of batteries or power supply. 

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Image of FireFly - The intelligent alarm unit developed by ACOWA INSTRUMENTS


FIREFLY has the following general specifications:

Material ABS plastic
Diameter 104mm
Installation Min. 38mm hole with nut
Cable connection 4 pcs. clamps
Communication SigFox
Antenna Build-in
Enclusere class IP67
Power supply 3V DC – 3,7V DC
Batteries 2 pcs. Lithium AA (not included)

NOTE! FireFly is not EX-classified and must therefore not be installed in EX areas

Item numberDescription
1772-19120001FIREFLY for battery
1772-19120001-PFIREFLY for fixed supply
1122-SigFox U5 year SigFox subscription incl. creation on Sigfox back-end as well as invoice handling
CS-651-20Power coil for monitoring motor current for pump start and operating hours
6106301404-4Lithium AA 1.5V Battery
RS-15-3.3Power supply 3.3-3.7V 3A 9.9W mini size

The FIREFLY is very flexible and can be used in many different applications, such as:

  • Pumping stations
  • Overflow detection
  • Level monitoring
  • Rivers or streams
  • Reservoir and tanks

To see documentation – go to the Download Center

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